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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Do You Want The Ease of a Backpack Picnic?

A picnic backpack is usually canvas or leather and intended for carrying necessary items needed for the perfect picnic. You can use a backpack for all your food, plates, cups, silverware and other items instead of a picnic basket.

This should make for easier carrying.

Because the backpack comes complete with all components necessary for the perfect picnic, each item has its own specific place, making everything convenient to find, pack and carry.

 Usually the standard picnic backpack comes with the following features:

 Linen for laying over a picnic table or on the ground
 Linen napkins
 Plates made from either melamine or Corel
 Wine glasses, usually acrylic
 Cutlery made of plastic or stainless steel
 A tote for wine
 An Insulated Cooler pocket for food

This isn't all, however. Your picnic backpack can contain other items as well.

If you're going for one of the upgraded versions, your picnic backpack might also contain a corkscrew, a cheese board and knife, salt and pepper shakers, or a wine stopper.

The next time you have a shower, wedding or anniversary gift to buy for your favorite couple, consider a picnic backpack to make their Backpack Picnic an event to remember

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