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Friday, November 4, 2011

Pack a Family Picnic

Pack a Family Picnic

A Picnic is a Fun Family Time, Indoors or Out

Here are some ideas of where to enjoy your picnic:

  1. City or county park 
  2. Playground 
  3. Beach, pool, riverside 
  4. Local fair 
  5. Your yard 
  6. Community center 
  7. Relative’s home 
  8. Parade route 
  9. Pick-your-own farm 
  10. Community garden 
  11. Zoo
What’s in Your Picnic Basket?

No-chill Foods
• Whole fruit, raw finger vegetables (Most can
be left at room temperature for a few hours.)

• Dried fruit (raisins, apples, apricots), juice
boxes, canned fruit

• Wheat tortillas, bagels,
pocket bread, wholewheat
crackers or bread,
pretzels, buns

• Nuts, peanut butter,
unopened canned meat

Cooler Foods

• Cooked and uncooked chicken, meat, shrimp
or fish, hard-cooked eggs; deli-meat

• Salads that contain cut-up meats, or
vegetables, or fruits

• Cheese, string cheese, yogurt, boxed milk

• Single-serving pudding

Warm-Up Foods
(in an insulated container)

• Soup, hot cocoa with milk

• Baked beans, hot dishes (eat within 1 hour).

Let us know some of your ideas of where to have a Fun Family Picnic. 

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