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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Have Alternate Plans for Your Fun Picnic

Sometimes the best laid plans may have results that fall short of our desired intentions in life. That is why it is often a good idea to plan an alternate activity, which may be far different from your original plan of action. This is especially true during the winter season.
My wife and I love to take a drive out into the country, to the beach or to a nice, secluded park. It was a foggy January day, one of many that we recently had been living through, and it was starting to wear us both down. There is just something about the fog that stifles ambition and lowers the spirits in people. I hear them complain about it often during this time of the year.
I was having some of those less than desirable thoughts go through my mind, when I had a memory of one of the more memorable spontaneous picnics we had at Bodega Bay, several years ago, while watching surfers trying to navigate the thirty foot waves that were the aftermath of a storm, which I wrote about in a previous article titled, "Preparing for a Spontaneous Picnic."
With this refreshing memory in the forefront of my mind, I asked my wife if she would like to go to the beach and have a picnic. She gave me that look that I sometimes get when she questions the logic of my suggestions and started to protest about the fog.
I was ready, though, with an alternate plan, just in case the fog was also at the beach. I said that we could pack a simple picnic and drive towards Stinson Beach, but if we noticed that there was fog in Drakes Bay or along the beach, we would redirect our course to the quaint little town of Point Reyes Station, a short distance away, and have lunch at the Station House Café, which is one our favorite places to eat when we are in the area.
The rest of the day went well. We drove towards the ocean and the sun came out before we got to the beach, revealing blue skies and the brightness that we hadn't seen in San Rafael in nearly a week. We had dressed warm for the occasion and sat on our folding picnic chairs, facing the ocean and enjoying our picnic. We read, watched the waves and luxuriated in the sun, which we didn't have on the other side of the mountain where we lived.
Our day of fun was not yet over. We decided to take the long way home and stopped at the Station House Café for hot coffee and dessert. They are noted for their bread pudding, which was delicious, as usual.
A little while later, when we drove back over the hill and were entering San Rafael, my wife exclaimed, "Can you believe it? It looks like the sun never did come out!" That was one fun picnic.